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Authorities Warn of Credit Card Scams at Fuel Pumps

Authorities are taking action against recent credit card scams at fuel pumps, with victims reporting significant financial losses to fraudsters.

“Someone had stolen all my credit card information,” Mrs. Bradford says. “They charged thousands on my cards.”

Authorities are cracking down on credit card skimming devices this season as millions prepare to travel across town or across the country to visit friends and loved ones.


Two months ago, Betty Bradford, 58, stopped for fuel on her way home from a friend’s house.


While fueling her car, she noticed a handsome young man with a strange-looking device at the pump next to her. He seemed to be pointing it at her.


A little nervous by the unusual situation, Bradford cut the fueling off early, got in her car, and drove off.


“I thought he was recording me or something,” Mrs. Bradford says. “I really didn’t know what he was doing.”


The next day, Betty went to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for dinner. But when she went to pay, she was in for a surprise.

“I was stunned when the cashier said my card had been denied,” Mrs. Bradford says. “I was so embarrassed.”


She tried again, but once more, it was declined. So she tried another card. Then another.


None of them worked. So Betty immediately went home and called her bank. What she found out was only the beginning of her nightmare.

“Someone had stolen all my credit card information,” Mrs. Bradford says. “They charged thousands to my cards.”

How could this have happened when her credit cards were all still securely located in her purse?

For two months, Betty lived in fear that someone out there had her information and could find her anytime. Luckily, that wasn’t the case.


One day, she received a call from the police officer who had taken up her case. The suspect had been using the device at another fuel station across town, and someone had called the police for his suspicious activity.

Betty had no way of knowing it at the time, but the “handsome young man” at the gas station had been using a new high-tech scam to steal credit card information all over town.


“The police told me that the device he had was most likely an electronic credit card scanner,” Mrs. Bradford says, “and that he used it to steal my credit card information simply by pointing it at my purse.”

Thieves don’t need to come into physical contact with you to steal. They simply walk by you and secretly use a scanner to steal your information while you’re left none the wiser.


These crooks are high-tech pickpockets who only need to be near you to steal your credit or debit card information, driver’s license, and even passport information.


Authorities warn that once they get a hold of it, your information could be sold on the dark web to cyber criminals and can be sold multiple times over.


This scam isn’t just affecting Betty’s city; it’s spreading like wildfire throughout the entire country. Mrs. Bradford is just one of millions of hard-working people who fall victim to this scam daily. So far, in 2023, there has been a massive spike in reported incidents with no signs of slowing down


Thankfully, police and top experts are recommending a unique tool that can be used to block the signals and protect your information.

What Is It?

Wallet Defender is a credit card-sized device that fits comfortably into any wallet, money clip, or passport holder.


Using patented signal-jamming technology, it provides a security defense that surrounds every card in your wallet to block the scanning devices criminals use to steal your private information.

How Does Wallet Defender Work?

Basically, it jams the signal used by scanning devices that generally allow them to lift your credit card information. Because the signal is jammed, there’s no way they can access your info.


In fact, there is not one single scanner that can penetrate it. And it works for every single credit card, even brand-new ones that use the chip reader.

A special agent with the Secret Service said he estimates that the agency recovers about 20 to 30 skimmers a week, with the average skimmer having information from about 80 cards on it by the time it’s recovered by authorities.

Wallet Defender adds a layer of security between you and someone wanting to access your data. It doesn’t require batteries to work and ensures card readers can’t get your information unless you take the blocker away.


With Wallet Defender, your card is only used when you actively take it out and choose to use it.

More and More People Are Getting in on The RFID-Blocking Trend

Card users across the country are getting Wallet Defender to protect their payment cards and IDs.


In today’s digital age, ID thieves can steal your information even while standing on the other side of a wall. Since the news officially broke the story of wireless identity theft, thousands of people across the country have been purchasing their own Wallet Defender to protect themselves.

But… Is it Really Worth All This Hype?

Since its debut, Wallet Defender has been selling like crazy, but due to recent news about wireless credit card theft, it’s been difficult to keep it in stock!


In fact, the ONLY place to get Wallet Defender is on the official website.


Wallet Defender has even developed its own cult following on the internet – just check out the customer feedback we found on trusted review pages:

“The Wallet Defender offers a no-fuss solution to protect your cards from identity theft. Just slip it into your wallet, and you’re shielded from RFID and NFC scans.”

– Gretchen T. | 8/24/23

“I wasn’t sure if this would work until I tried using my card on a machine and it wouldn’t work until I realized my RFID blocking card was too close to scanner. Advise you put in back pocket while using your credit card. Highly recommend this product.”

– Ryan M. | 5/25/23

“In comparison to the potential financial and emotional cost of dealing with identity theft or fraud, the Wallet Defender is a cost-effective solution that offers long-term protection.”

– Adam P. | 12/4/22

We Tested Wallet Defender to See if It Really Works. Here’s What Happened:

We met with an experienced scam artist (who opted to remain anonymous) to help us test Wallet Defender and show how well it really works.


This scam expert has used an electronic card skimmer throughout his criminal career to steal from hundreds of unsuspecting debit and credit card holders. After his recent arrest, he’s agreed to educate others on the importance of identity protection to reduce his sentence.

Using two wallets, we started our test. Both wallets had credit and debit cards, driver’s licenses, and a passport. But only one wallet also held a Wallet Defender card. What happened next, we could not believe…


In an eye-opening display of how advanced this wireless theft technology is, the thief was able to accurately pull the names, addresses, and full credit card numbers from the wallet NOT equipped with Wallet Defender in only a matter of seconds. The time that passed would be comparable to just walking by someone on the sidewalk.


However, when he pointed the device towards the wallet with Wallet Defender inside, he couldn’t access any of the information. It was all kept completely safe.


The test proved that Wallet Defender works beyond a shadow of a doubt.

How Much Does It Cost?

Wallet Defender is incredibly inexpensive device, which many people consider a small price to pay for their financial safety and well-being. However, the makers of Wallet Defender have offered our readers up to 66% off since we are spreading the news on wireless identity theft.

So, now you can have complete confidence and security that your credit cards and identification information remain safe! But you can only take advantage of this deal by using our special links, so don’t miss out.

Is It Worth It?

The Wallet Defender RFID-blocking card is 100% worth it. Here at Widget Watchers, we take these matters seriously, and unfortunately, wireless identity theft is one of the many modern problems we face today. Any product that helps keep you safe is worth it, especially one that is 100% effective, such as Wallet Defender.


Our advice? Get one as soon as you can. You never know when your information could be compromised.


Ever since Wallet Defender made its debut last year, it has received an enormous amount of attention.

Because of this popularity and the amount of positive feedback, the start-up company behind Wallet Defender is so confident in its advanced RFID-blocking technology that they are offering a one-time discount of up to 66% OFF the original price.

And if you're unsatisfied with your purchase, every order comes protected with a 30-day money-back guarantee!



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