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This Device Could Stop Your Back and Neck Pain At The Source! (Experts Agree)

Monday, January 28, 2019 | By Rita Hatthaway

Over 13,000 People Helped Fund This INGENIOUS new device to relieve back and neck soreness and it’s already done MILLIONS in sales. That’s because it REALLY works!

Many of us spend 10+ hours a day sitting at desks and hunched over our phones – straining our necks just to read a Facebook post.

We wonder WHY we can’t get rid of back and neck pain!

What if our technology could stop our back pain instead of making it worse?

Most people turn to chiropractors to straighten themselves out and ease their pain; I know I did. Chiropractors do great work, but if you don’t stop the problem at its source, you keep going back over and over. In one year, I spent over $2,000 on my chiropractor! I thought to myself, there has to be a better way to prevent this pain in my back AND eliminate my chiropractor payments for good!

Fortunately for us, there’s an ingenious new device that can relax your back and neck soreness without breaking the bank. I found out about it when it won the prestigious Wearable Tech Award in 2017, and I LOVE IT. Plus, it cost me less than ONE TRIP to my Chiropractor.

What is it?

UPRIGHT GO is a simple, yet high-tech, device that is worn on your upper back – designed to fix your posture and back ache in only 14 days.

There are NO expensive monthly programs, NO costly trips to the chiropractor, and NO tedious core exercises that just NEVER seem to work.

UPRIGHT GO  is a tiny wearable device that sticks on your back and gives you a gentle vibration to remind you to correct your posture whenever you slouch. It is this correction in your posture that has the incredible ability to relieve the soreness and stiffness in your neck and back that you experience on a daily basis.  

As a result – this discreet, effective device could STOP your backache in 14 days for less than a family trip to Olive Garden!

The wearable device also connects to a 100% FREE iPhone and Android app that allows you to track how much time you spend slouching, and your daily improvement.

Did we mention it’s super easy to use?

It’s so simple, even grandma can do it. She’ll just need to follow these 3 steps:

How it Works

The best way to stop back pain is to stop doing the things that cause it.

The UPRIGHT GO uses a 14-day training program to soothe your back and neck pain through better posture.

Day 1: Establish Your Posture Baseline – Place UPRIGHT GO on your back and it instantly tracks your posture and recommends the best training plan for you.

Day 2: Your Training Sessions Begin – When you slouch, UPRIGHT GO vibrates to remind you to sit upright. This helps you quickly form a habit of better posture.

Days 3-6: Noticeable Posture Improvements – This is where you start seeing results. You’re sitting and standing up straighter without thinking about it. UPRIGHT GO continues to monitor your posture and sends it to your FREE UPRIGHT GO app.

Day 7:  Neck and Back Relief – This is when many report the tense feeling in the neck, back and shoulder area begins to melt away.

Day 14: LIFE CHANGING RESULTS – Users experience even greater relief from neck and back soreness, stronger core muscles, more confidence, and even increased happiness from a higher oxygen intake!

“93% of Upright users improve their back posture by 80% in less than 2 weeks.”

– UPRIGHT GO Reported

WATCH: Dr. Alex Waldeck DC, a chiropractor at HealthSource explains how the UPRIGHT GO might prevent corrective medical care down the road.

$100 dollars to get this and work on long-term corrective care is definately worth it in my opinion. Your going to need to come and see us less frequently and that’s the ultimatel goal of care.
– Dr. Alex Waldeck DC, Licensed Chiropractor at HealthSource

OK, So How Much Does It Cost??

Chiropractors often charge $90 or more per session and you’ll likely have to go back over and over just to keep the pain away. I was going to the chiropractor twice a month and paying him $90 each time, that’s over $2,000 in ONE YEAR!

Consider: The Upright Go Bundle retails for $99.95 [$79.95 TODAY] — that includes 1 Upright Go, 1 Travel Bag, 1 USB Charging Cable, 9 Adhesive Pads and 1 “Training Tips” Guide.

Also, Upright Go stands behind their product. They offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don’t love it.

There’s ZERO RISK to try it out.

Bundle Discounts Now Available!

I was just on their site (again), and as of September 29th 2019, UPRIGHT GO is offering EVEN BETTER DEALS when you buy more than one – perfect for gifting. Order one UPRIGHT GO to get one 50% OFF for a limited time only.


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