Monocular Telescope Outperforms Pro Grade Telescopes that Cost Thousands of Dollars!

Amazing monocular telescope lets you shoot pro-level photos on your smartphone – at a price you can afford

It's true.

You can shoot telescopic photos on your smartphone that rival – and possibly even surpass – the quality of photos you can get with a professional DSLR camera outfit costing thousands of dollars!

The Starscope Monocular Telescope offers a whopping 10X magnification – that’s the same degree of magnification as putting a 600mm lens on your DSLR!

Just imagine the lens on your smartphone’s camera being able to shoot with 10 TIMES HIGHER magnification than usual! You’ll be able to take amazing close-up shots of sports, birds in flight, or anything else under the sun – even the moon!

Take a close-up shot of your grandson playing high school football. Get great shots of the band at the next outdoor concert. Or take pictures of that cute guy or girl at the beach!

The Starscope Monocular can be used just like a telescope. Just hold it up to your eye, and you’ll see an amazing, 10×50 view.
But the truly amazing thing about the Starscope Monocular is that you can also use it on your smartphone – giving your smartphone’s camera an incredible, 10x zoomed-in telescopic view!
You can shoot close-up pictures of wild birds. Take stunning close-up images of the moon. And you can take amazing candid portraits and beautiful scenic shots, too.
By utilizing advanced CCD methods and computer-designed lens elements, the Starscope Monocular can produce photos that rival or surpass the quality of photos taken with some of the most expensive lenses in the world.
But perhaps the most shocking thing about the Starscope Monocular is its UNBELIEVABLE affordability! Optical quality of this caliber simply hasn’t been offered at such a low price before.
In case you haven’t checked recently, a 600mm lens for Nikon or Canon DSLRs costs over $12,000.00 dollars! And each of them is huge and heavy – and the fact is, the larger and heavier a lens is, the less likely you are to be carrying it with you when that perfect shot appears.
On the other hand, the Starscope Monocular weighs less than a pound and is only 6.1” long! This makes it easy to stick in a jacket pocket or backpack, meaning you’ll actually have it with you when you encounter a scene you really want to photograph.

10x Magnification Brings the World Up Close and Personal

How many times have you witnessed a beautiful scene like a sunset, or a blood red moon… but when you take a picture with your smartphone, the moon or the sun are just a tiny, disappointing spot you can barely see in your photo?

That’s what makes the Starscope’s massive 10x Magnification Factor so great! It lets you shoot photos that capture all of the close-up details of your subject, creating a photo you’ll be proud to share with friends or post on Instagram!

What Makes Starscope the Best Monocular You Can Buy?

I’ve already told you that the Starscope Monocular can deliver optical performance that beats both professional camera lenses and telescopes. But it also has a number of features that make Starscope the ONLY choice for super-telephoto vision today!

High Contrast, Fully Coated Lens Optics
The Starscope uses a fully multicoated optical elements to ensure excellent light transmission up to 99.8%. These elements guarantee you the brightest possible image, unmarred by the kind of color-fringing often apparent with cheaper glass elements.
Focuses With Just One Hand
The ergonomic design and non-slip textured surface of the Starscope gives you a solid grip, preventing accidental dropping. And the Starscope’s focusing ring can be operated with one hand, leaving your other hand free to use.
Resists Scratches, Dust, Fog, And Smoke
The Starscope features fog-resistant glass, resists scratches, and is tightly sealed with O-Rings that prevent the intrusion of fog, dust, smoke, or moisture of any kind.
Lightweight And Easy To Carry
The best lenses in the world don’t do you any good if they’re so heavy and bulky that you leave them at home. Thankfully, the Starscope is just over six inches long and weighs less than a pound – making it perfect to carry with you at all times.

How to Use Starscope with your Smart Phone

You’ll love how easy it is to use Starscope to take incredible telescopic photos with your smart phone. You’ll love the ability to frame and shoot your shot in just seconds!

You can either focus the Starscope while looking through it with your eye or attach Starscope to your phone and focus by using your phone’s screen.
Aim your Starscope at the subject you’d like to photograph.
Snap the photo.

That’s it! That’s really all there is to it!

The Starscope also features a convenient tripod mount, meaning you can attach it to any tripod or monopod for shake-free, stable shots.

Here’s What Customers are Saying About Starscope

Mitch G. - Portland, OR
Mitch G. - Portland, OR
Verified Purchase

October 7, 2021

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“I took a nature cruise in Canada to see polar bears in their native habitat. In every photo taken by my colleagues, the polar bears looked like tiny white dots. But thanks to Starscope I got some GREAT photos of the bears. They look like they came straight out of some glossy nature magazine!”

Red K. - Salt Lake City, UT
Red K. - Salt Lake City, UT
Verified Purchase

October 21, 2021

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“I love going to sporting events, but unless you’re willing to shell out the big bucks, your seats may be so far away that you can’t see anything. That’s one of my favorite things about the Starscope – it makes me feel like I have front row seats, every time!”

Elisa K. - Charlotte, NC
Elisa K. - Charlotte, NC
Verified Purchase

October 23, 2021

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“As an aspiring photographer, I always envied the super-telephoto shots taken by pro photographers, but I could never afford the super expensive DSLR lenses. Now I just take super-telephoto shots on my smart phone. The Starscope shots I get are so good, everybody thinks I spent a fortune on camera lenses!”

Whether You’re an Amateur Astronomer, Budding Photographer, or Enthusiastic Sports Fan, You Can’t Beat the Starscope Monocular!

Go ahead. Get closer. Get right into the thick of things.
The Starscope Monocular puts you right in the center of the action. It’s like having a front row seat wherever you go.
Get down on the 50 yard line. Ride along as a surfer takes on a mammoth wave. Spy baby birds in their nest or join the lead singer onstage. The possibilities are endless.
Order your Starscope Monocular today or get a few as gifts. It’s the gift that everybody, young and old, loves to receive!
And if you order right now, you’ll receive a special discount of up to 50% OFF! It’s the best, least expensive way to take on an entirely new view of the world around you!
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