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Why Second Sun Natural Full Spectrum Light Box Can Make You Feel Happy Again When YOU’RE STUCK INSIDE!

The Human Body Needs NATURAL LIGHT! Get Rid of the CABIN FEVER BLUES!

All the Happiness of Sunshine Without Tanning!

I live in New York City with my family, and like the rest of the world, I’m STUCK INSIDE my apartment!

Who would have ever thought this was possible just a few months ago??

Jeez, it seems like another lifetime ago.

I remember how happy I was when Friday was coming! That would be the last day of the week taking my daughter to school on the bus.

I’d pick her up at her school in the afternoon, and we’d do some shopping in Chinatown. I’d get some takeout Beef Chow Fun at my favorite Cantonese place, buy some fruit at an outdoor market, maybe even pick up a couple of lobsters to cook at home. We might even stop off at the playground where she would play with her friends for an hour or two.

Then I’d look forward to a weekend going out with my son. We’d take the subway to Brighton Beach or Jackson Heights and pick up some Indian or Russian food, have some lunch, maybe stop and see a friend of mine.

The rest of the weekend I’d hit the flea markets, enjoy myself, talk to fellow flea market friends I’ve known for years, maybe take the whole family out to eat. Of course, I would have my Leica camera to take some photos.

Simple pleasures. It seems so remote right now. All these little things I took for granted in NYC. Eating out. Shopping. Taking the subway to an interesting neighborhood. Shooting some photos with my vintage lenses.

Maybe I would even think about my next trip to Asia. Casually check the airfares. Think about a fun holiday.

Could you ever have imagined 3 months ago that ALL THE RESTAURANTS WOULD BE SHUT DOWN? That to even go pick up your mail in the apartment lobby involved fear for your life, with masks, disinfectant, and gloves? That the streets would be deserted? In NYC?

No Wonder We Were All Feeling Depressed!

After a three or four weeks of this enforced isolation, I was getting antsy. I would wake up in a bad mood.

My kids were fighting with each other, and my wife was cranky.

I know these things can happen when life was “normal”, but the new normal now involved LOTS of sitting around inside.

The kids were playing too many computer games, and I was spending a lot too much “screen time”. My MacBook dutifully informed me with a weekly report that scolded how much time I was spending staring at the screen!

Since I had so much time on my hands, I started to research the cause of the “indoor blues”.

I started taking Vitamin D and Zinc, which helped a little, but everything still made my whole family moody and quarrelsome.

Then It Hit Me! We Weren’t Getting Enough Natural Light!!

While I was Googling for other symptoms of “indoor depression”, I suddenly realized that human beings start to get depleted in certain hormones and other biological requirement when they SPEND TOO MUCH TIME UNDER LED, INCANDESCENT, FLOURESCENT, or other kinds of artificial light.

Hospitals, nursing homes, schools, even prisons have all studied the effects of poor light on the human body.

And lack of natural light is BAD! No doubt about it. It affects your mood, your health, and even your eyesight. It’s a real bummer when you don’t get enough natural light!

Here’s some things we know:

1. According to many studies, the average office worker spends almost 1,700 hours per year in front of a computer screen – 6.5 hours per day. Not only is this damaging to the eyes (researchers found that fluorescent lighting may increase the incidents of eye disease by up to 12 percent) but being indoors beneath fluorescent lights for hours each day has other health risks as well.

2. Researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center found blue light – light with a short wavelength that comes from both the sun and, for example, the lit-up screens of devices like smartphones – helps circulate a type of immune cells in our skin. When these cells, called T-cells, flow around the body more effectively, they’re able to reach new infections more quickly, and stop them before they actually cause harm.

3. Improves mood – light triggers our pineal gland to produce hormones that boost your mood and energy level

4. Stress reduction – keeps you calm and happy, and can help reverse depression!

The fact is, full spectrum light just makes you feel better!

So that’s what made me discover one of the latest and greatest solutions to the indoor blues you can buy.

The Amazing SECOND SUN Light Panel!

Here is the amazing SECOND SUN light panel! It’s a high-tech, super quality light panel that you simply place in your home.

Exposure to the natural, 10,000 LUX super light will banish the indoor blahs in a matter of days! Yes, it really worked for me and my family!

Here’s some of the advanced features of SECOND SUN!

➤ 10,000 LUX brightness – very bright!

➤ Adjustable brightness: 15%, 30%, 60%, and 100%

➤ Adjustable timer up to 60 minutes

➤ Low-power – only 5W

➤ State-of-the-art LED lights

➤ Lightweight and easy to move or carry!

Because my family was suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or “indoor” depression, we were missing the exposure to natural light that we used to enjoy by spending much of the day outside.

The closest thing to natural daylight is full spectrum lighting. The exact type of light created by SECOND SUN.

Countless schools, businesses, and homes have used full spectrum light to help with many problems associated with the lack of sunlight. Full spectrum light also significantly reduces any chance of side effects that can be associated with the use of DANGEROUS UV LIGHT that is used in most of the cheaper, low quality lights that are sold in many light therapy devices.

SECOND SUN does not produce “Ultraviolet Rays” in any wavelength.

Lots of companies that make light boxes know very little about lighting and make claims that are possibly dangerous.

Many other companies sell cheaper lights that do not really produce “natural spectrum light” and are ineffective.

Happy Days Are Here Again!

Now I’m not claiming that SECOND SUN LIGHTS are a cure-all for everything that ails you.

But I ordered three SECOND SUN lights that arrived super-fast, and I set them up in my apartment.

One in the living room, one in my bedroom, and one in the kid’s room. (I was not afraid of leaving it in the kid’s room, because it can’t hurt their eyes – no dangerous UV light, remember?)

✔️ I actually started to feel cheerful when I woke up in the morning.

✔️ The kids stopped fighting so much! Yesterday, I actually heard them laughing and playing a card game together! Yes, they actually put down the phones and iPads for a while! Wow!

✔️ My wife gave me a smiling kiss and started cooking some cool recipes she found online! We cooked together the next day without a spat! If you know my wife, that’s a miracle!

✔️ The kids went to sleep at a normal hour, and I fell asleep too, instead of tossing and turning all night. That’s called “the circadian rhythm”. “Natural Light” can fix your sleep cycle too!

OK, I’m convinced that SECOND SUN is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

I ordered two more for my apartment, and I got three for my Mom and Dad. And I even sent my brother one!

We’re all hoping for all this virus crap to disappear so we can resume our normal outdoor life.

But we have to stay indoors for now to beat this thing. So it’s better to be happy while you’re indoors, right?

Don’t Worry, Be Happy! Get SECOND SUN NOW!

Supplies are extremely limited. This high-quality light is being produced at full tilt by the factory, but others have heard the news and they’re selling out fast!

Grab a few for yourself NOW! There’s a special discount NOW for my readers!


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