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Instant Two-Way Language Translator

Simply press the button, speak and have your voice translated in 1.5 seconds.

✅ Instant Translations: Say anything you want and get an instant translation in 36 languages.

✅ Speak Any Language: Speech recognition technology allows you to translate your speech into any language.

✅ Fast and Effective: Innovative technology allows translations to happen in seconds.

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Two-way Conversation in 36 Languages

Have a real time conversation with nearly anyone around the world

Stop Wasting Time and Money Trying to Learn a New Language!

 Poliglu Translator is a brilliant new invention from Japan and is taking the world by storm. It lets you communicate in more than 36 languages, so you can have a conversation with almost anyone on the planet! You can take it with you anywhere thanks to its compact size and its so easy to use that you can have it ready to go in under 30 seconds. The best part?  Poliglu Translator is finally available to the public and it won’t break you bank. The device that was only available to the leaders of the world is now available to you.

 Poliglu was built with simplicity in mind so anyone can use it. Although it is packed full of the latest technology, using the device is super simple. All you need to do is to choose the language in which you want to communicate and press the button and say words or sentences. You can even say really long sentences and  Poliglu will translate everything perfectly! 

Using Poliglu Is So Easy!

1. Get App

Connect your smartphone to WiFi and download the Poliglu App.

2. Speak

Press the ME button and speak into the device. It will do the rest!

3. Understand

Press the microphone button and let your partner speak. Release and listen to the perfect translation!

Speak Any Language, Anywhere!

Simple conversations like asking for directions or ordering something at a restaurant becomes incredibly difficult if you don’t speak the language. What about more complex topics? Medical emergency or misunderstandings with authorities could be catastrophic while abroad!

With  Poliglu you can put your worries to rest: this tiny device lets you hold complex, continuous conversations in any combination of its supported languages! At long last, barrier-free international travel is not a fantasy anymore, it’s a reality!  Poliglu “speaks” 36 languages – and now you do too!

Speak Like a Native Without Breaking a Sweat

Speak in Foreign Language
Poliglu instant translator is perfect for continuous, smooth conversations between you and a person speaking in a foreign language.

Perfect Versatility
Poliglu is perfect for your holidays, business meetings, various emergencies while abroad, language learning and even expat life.

What Customers Have to Say About Poliglu


Excellent quality, I love this product, they have helped me a lot to communicate, ideal for traveling, it is light, comfortable, and has a wide variety of languages, I recommend it.

– Laura Torres

✅ Verified Buyer


Excellent device…It is useful for many people especially for the people who travel often to different countries. I do recommend it!

– Joan Rutto

✅ Verified Buyer


I can finally travel anywhere and communicate with local people without fear of being ridiculed and being able to consult anything or any destination. Excellent appliance!

– Pablo Gonzalez

✅ Verified Buyer

Real Time Translator

Have a smooth, continuous conversation with anyone, anywhere!


No Language is Foreign

 Poliglu speaks in 36 languages – and so do you!

Whole World in Your Pocket

Portable, compact, comfortable – take it anywhere, use it with ease.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If Poliglu doesn't work for you, you may return it within 30 days for a refund.


A: We offer Free Shipping across the world, which is trackable too.

A: During the quarantine period, it takes about two weeks. But you can also select our express DHL delivery option and enjoy the product in the next couple of days.

A: Yes, Poliglu is a two-way translator! You can hold a conversation with anyone abroad! You can translate from one language to another and vice versa.

A: No, there is no extra cost after the initial purchase. There are no subscriptions – buy the device and use it forever.

A: Yes, your purchase is risk-free. You can easily return the product within 30 days.

A: You can switch between languages as many times as you want with just a few clicks on the device.

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