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OPTOMETRY INSIDER: Doctors Are Recommending THIS AMAZING Product Over Cleaning Rags and Wipes!

December 28, 2019 at 1:50 PM MST | Sponsored Content by Peeps™ 

“12,500+ Optometrist’s offices already carry this product – that’s no mistake!”

Q: So let’s get right to it. Tell us about this NEW unique product so many optometrists are raving about?

A: Recently, I came across some research for a product called Peeps. It’s an advanced carbon-based cleaning solution that leaves eyeglasses spotless.

Q: So why do we need another eye glass cleaner? What’s wrong with typical wipes and cloths most people use?

A: What most people don’t know or realize is that microfiber cloths actually contain materials that may damage your lenses. Eventually, they may accumulate micro-scratches, leaving them cloudy-looking and harmful to your eyesight. There’s also debate over whether alcohol-based wipes can potentially damage eyeglasses with special coatings.

Q: And Peeps doesn’t do that?

A: No, in fact, what makes them so unique is that Peeps by Carbon Klean is the only product of its kind using revolutionary Carbon Molecular Technology.

And how it works is advanced carbon microfiber pads thoroughly clean the entire surface of your lenses and softly remove nasty dirt and dust at a microscopic level – leaving your lenses stunningly clear. This technology actually repels unwanted materials, protecting your glasses in the future, and is safe on all lenses.

Q: Wow! Who thought of this?

A: Now that’s the interesting part. This is the same technology used by NASA on the International Space Station and by the US Military to clean their screens.

Q: That’s incredible!

A: Yeah, not only is Peeps truly unique in HOW it cleans, but everything else about it is impressive…

✔️ Lasts up to 500 uses

✔️ Completely heat, humidity, and cold-resistant

✔️ 100% eco-friendly

✔️ Super small and compact

✔️ Safe to use on eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses…even lenses with A/R coating

Don’t want to read this whole article?

Q: But are they complicated to use?

A: It really couldn’t be easier. All it takes is 2 steps:

Step 1: Brush off all dust, dirt, and abrasive particles with the scratch-resistant retractable brush.

Step 2: Use the carbon microfiber pads to sandwich the lens and clean it on both sides. These special angled carbon microfiber pads are designed to clean all nooks and crannies.

Then recharge your Peeps! Simply put them back in their case and the friction on the pads recharges the carbon molecules for your next use.

Q: They must cost, what – $40, $50, or more right?

A: You’d expect cutting-edge technology like this to cost that much, but they’re actually quite affordable – as low as $9.99 each!

Q: So how can people reading at home find this?

A: Get your very own Peeps by going to their official website.

WARNING: ONLY order Peeps from their official website. Cheaper, knock-off products DO NOT use the same carbon molecular technology – meaning they won’t give you the same spotless clean lenses and could very well end up scratching them! Not to mention, cheap knock-offs might even break after just a few uses!


“My Patients love them, my staff love them, and I love them. It’s a complete win-win for everyone. I’ve had them for over a year in my office and use min daily. Don’t be a skeptic, it’s simply amazing.”
– Dr. Hunt, OD


“I struggle to get all the smudges and streaks off of my glasses….I was pretty skeptical of this, but I gave it a whirl and wow! This is possibly the cleanest my glasses have ever been … I’m going to have to pick some more of these up for my personal use, as well as for my other opticals.”
– Dr. Gormady, OD


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I don’t know how long this deal will last, so you’d better grab a pair today before this deal ends!

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Step 1: Get your Peeps by ordering it here.

Step 2: When it arrives, follow the simple two-step cleaning process.

Step 3: Enjoy all of your favorite activities with stunningly-clear vision!

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