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This genius charging technology will be in every new home by 2020

“Revolutionary new technology allows anyone to turn their desk, countertop, or any surface into a giant charging pad, capable of charging a phone, tablet or any device in minutes.”

We’ve all been there. Searching for that elusive phone charger that always seems to go missing. Is there anything more aggravating?

If you have a spouse, kids, or roommates, you know the feeling. Disappearing phone chargers are commonplace. They are a prized possession that is often coveted.

You come home from work with your phone at 3% battery, and find yourself checking every room in the house, digging through junk drawers, scrambling to find the plug before your phone dies. It’s a miserable annoyance.


Phone chargers aren’t cheap to replace either. They average between $30-$50 depending on your phone model – and when you can’t find yours, you’re shelling out for a new one immediately.

And of course you want one at home (2 perhaps), one at the office, one in the car. You’re looking at $150-$200 in chargers alone!

It’s crazy to think – smartphones have evolved at an insane pace over the last 10 years, however method by which we charge these devices has remained the same. Outlet + plug + cable = charge.

Wireless charging has recently started to be included in newer phones, but how much better is it if you still need to place your phone directly onto an ugly, circular pad. These devices are so temperamental that unless they are placed PERFECTLY on the pad, they won’t charge effectively.

The Future Of Device Charging

It should come as no surprise that a breakthrough new technology out of Hong Kong is revolutionizing the way in which people are charging their phones: without cords OR even charging pads.

The tech startup, called InvisiCharger, has invented a device that converts standard surfaces, such as desks, countertops, shelves, etc. into GIANT charging pads using ‘induction.’

This means you can literally place your phone down anywhere on your desk or countertop and it will charge itself. Not only is this beyond efficient, it’s also super cool.

No more searching for a charger, or having ugly cords spilling out all over the house or office. Just walk in, drop off your phone on the counter or desk (like you normally would), and it charges itself!

This technology is so revolutionary, that major home builders across the world have indicated this will be commonplace in all new homes built starting as soon as 2020.

Major car dealers are also including this in new models.


However, if you aren’t currently in the market for a brand new home or car, or don’t want to wait another year + for this technology, there is a solution.

InvisiCharger has announced they will be selling a select number of these ‘converters’ direct to consumer on their website for only $99.99!

Our resident developer, Dr. Alvarado conducted his own independent test of InvisiCharger to see if it lived up to the hype. Here is what he found:

I ordered InvisiCharger from the official website: Click Here

Make sure you only order from the official site. Other knock-offs might make similar claims but only the InvisiCharger is the most powerful.

We ordered two chargers because of the special discount. We tested them on different surfaces. They arrived fast, in about a week!

It was super easy to set up. We opened the box, pulled out the converter (it is the size of a hockey puck) and affixed it under my desk at work using the adhesive strips. Then we plugged it in. That’s it. I just put my phone down on the desk at work, and immediately I saw the icon light up that it was charging. My phone was at 100% charge in a short time. I was really amazed.

InvisiCharger works with the following surfaces

InvisiCharger will charge through just about any surface known to man. Because of the advanced induction technology, it’s also incredibly safe, so there’s no risk of getting shocked or anything.

Never lose another phone charger again, and save time and energy through this amazing new technology.

InvisiCharger is offering a special discount to our readers: 45% off when you buy 2, and free shipping. You can access the offer here

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