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iMemories is like Netflix for your family memories! We professionally convert all of your home movies and photos into a digital format so you can easily view, share, and enjoy them on every device.



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Don’t leave your most precious memories behind — bring them into the 21st century with iMemories!


How It Works

We’ve optimized the digitization process to be simple, safe, and painless.
  1. Order your Safeship Kit and fill it up with your old photos and videos — no need to label or organize anything!
  2. Send it to us via our trusted shipping partner FedEx. We’ll track it along the way, provide you with real-time updates, and send you a free no-obligation quote.
  3. Once approved, our digitization experts will carefully upload everything by hand and send your originals back to you.

That’s it! Soon after, you’ll get instant access to your new digital memories that you can watch on your phone, tablet, computer, or TV — plus share them on social media for all to see!


Keeping Your Memories Safe Is Our Top Priority.

We’ve digitized 35 million memories over the past 15 years — and we’re proud to say we’ve never lost or damaged one.


How? It’s simple — we go above and beyond to ensure the safety of your memories at every step. The shipping box is crush-proof, and we’ve partnered with FedEx to ensure prioritized delivery. When they arrive at our state-of-the-art facility, every memory is tagged and tracked under 24/7 video surveillance.


In short, all you have to do is place your memories in the box and send it off. We guarantee the rest!


We Convert EVERY Type Of Format

Our state-of-the-art facility uses the most advanced digitization technology currently available to safely convert everything from videotapes and film reels to photos, slides and more:

  • Videotapes: VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, 8mm, Hi8, Video8, Digital8, MiniDV, MicroMini
  • Films: 8mm, Super 8, 16mm 
  • Photos: Photo prints, slides, negatives 
  • DVDs & MiniDVDs


Every memory is carefully uploaded by hand by our experts and even better, this streamlined process only takes 1-2 weeks! 


We Sort And Organize Everything For You!

With iMemories, there’s no need to label or organize anything. We’ll carefully sort and organize all your photos and videos for you — and then you get to choose which ones you want to digitize.


You’ll only pay for the ones you want to be digitized… and you’ll get ALL of the originals back, no matter what. Just think of all the “forgotten memories” you’ll re-discover!

No One Does What We Do. Period.


Our expert staff restores your memories to look as good as new!


Our simple drag-and-drop interface makes managing your files a breeze!


We’ll professionally repair (or “splice”) your broken videotapes and films — without losing any footage.

Over 1 Million Happy Customers

Best Preservation of Memories, Ever
✅ Verified Buyer
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Great service. I have had about 20 tapes converted. They were on 3 separate orders. All turned out great. Also ordered DVDs for some of them. Again, GREAT!! I'm getting another shipment ready. Finally convinced family members that their memories wod be SAFE with imemories. All originals have been returned. BEST thing I've ever done with tapes.
This was an easy and great experience
✅ Verified Buyer
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This was an easy and great experience. I put all my films and tapes in their box and sent it off. They emailed me an itemized bill of each film and I could pick which ones I wanted. ( I had sent so many in…over 23 pieces and the bill was higher than I could pay at that time). It was easy to delete the pieces I would save for another time. I chose to digitally receive and it has been so much fun for my family watching and laughing at these old memories. This is a perfect gift for all. I can pull up films on my phone and show the grandparents… really easy and super fun.
The Past Revealed to the Next Generation
✅ Verified Buyer
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iMemories fully followed through with the promises they made to convert the media I sent to digital within the expected time period. I am so excited to view over 30 years of slides and video film footage my father took of our family of 9 and the film footage I took when my children were youngsters. It is indeed an emotional journey that now can be passed down to my grandchildren who will cherish the memories for years to come.
Very pleased with the whole process!
✅ Verified Buyer
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This was the best decision I have made! I have wanted to convert our personal vhs tapes for some time, and finally made the move to digital with iMemories. My experience was excellent and they kept me updated on every step of the way. It was quick, and so easy to do! The only regret I have is that I didn't do this sooner! thank you iMemories for quality service!
Well done! Super professional.
✅ Verified Buyer
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I sent my 8mm family films. They loaded them up in a timely manner in two parts. They gave me time to upload to my own medium, though I could have made an account. I didn't chose to. They have returned my films in perfect condition. My family was very pleased as these were films of my grandparents in early adulthood and children in childhood. Got to see mom as a child and teen. Very cool!

3 Simple Steps To Unlock A Lifetime Of Memories


Order Your SafeShip Kit


Send Us Your Memories


Watch, Share, & Enjoy


From Your Attic To Our App

Any Screen, Anytime– View everything on your phone, tablet, laptop, TV, and more!

Share Privately – You’re always in control of what you share and who sees it. Period.

Download All Your Media – Download any file on any device in one click.

The Story Behind iMemories

iMemories was developed by veteran entrepreneur Mark Rukavina with the support of his loving family. After seeing firsthand how difficult and time-consuming it was to convert memories to digital formats, he developed a way to make it easy and safe for anyone.


Mark worked directly with top experts in media restoration to ensure that iMemories would be the safest and easiest way for people to digitize their most cherished life memories. The world-leading facility & team at iMemories is the result — and they’ve already brought more than 35 million memories back to life for over 1 million people across the globe.


“It brings me so much joy to see iMemories bring families closer together – letting them relive life’s most precious moments is an incredible gift that everyone enjoys,” says Mark.

Mark Rukavina,

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Mail in your SafeShip Kit and get your memories returned safely if you change your mind.


We’re rated 4.8 out of 5 stars with thousands of reviews from happy customers.


iMemories digitizes your memories locally, right in the beautiful city of Scottsdale, Arizona.


We also provide fast and safe shipping to and from iMemories anywhere in the USA.


We control every step of the process to ensure your physical memories are handled with care and make it back to you safely.


They're real humans, they're quick, and they actually like talking to you.


Our mission is to help millions of people enjoy their precious memories for years to come.


Our SafeShip Kit

We know your memories are priceless. That’s why we engineered our SafeShip Kits to fully protect your memories no matter where you ship them from. We also partnered with FedEx to ensure your memories are handled with care and tracked every step of the way — from your doorstep to ours.


Our SafeShip Kits are crush-proof, water-resistant (including waterproof bags), feature shock-resistant cushions, and come with a pre-paid label back to our facility in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Order a SafeShip Kit Today!

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