Hulk Heater Heats Up Any Room in Just 10 Minutes!

Amazing Wall Outlet Heater SLASHES Your Heating Bills!

The Compact, Cord-Free Space Heater that’s small in size but BIG on Heat! Saves you money and heats any room in 10 Minutes!

Stop Wasting Money on Expensive Central Heating!

The average heating bill is enough to put anyone in the poor house! But Hulk Heater provides all the features you need to keep warm without draining your wallet. It’s the best wall outlet heater for chasing away the cold winter chills!

Just plug Hulk Heater into any wall socket and it will fill your room with soothing heat in just 10 minutes! And with its extreme energy efficiency, you’ll save big bucks versus turning on your expensive central heating!

Adjustable Thermostat

Set to your desired temperature(comfort zone) anywhere between 60 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit

Built-In Timer Function

Set Hulk Heater to automatically shut off anytime between 1 to 12 hours

Safety Tested

Advanced Safety Features make Hulk Heater completely safe to operate

Saves You Money

Ultra efficient ceramic heating technology to slash your heating bill. Operates on just pennies a day.

Hulk Heater is the Ultimate Wall Outlet Heater

Stop having to wait an hour or more just to heat up a single room! With its powerful 800 watts, Hulk Heater heats up any room up to 250 square feet just 10 minutes, unlike slow central heating.

Hulk Heater brings powerful heating wherever you go. You can use it wherever there’s a wall socket. Just plug it in and start heating. Hulk Heater’s adjustable thermostat lets you create your perfect comfort zone in any room!

And since you’re only heating one room, instead of trying to heat your entire home, Hulk Heater is much faster and more economical than central heating. It runs on just Pennies a Day!

Hulk Heater Provides Instant Heat!

Use Hulk Heater Wherever There’s a Wall Socket!

Hulk Heater Goes Wherever You Want to Take It!

Hulk Heater is the Ultimate Space Saver!

Hulk Heater is the only wall outlet heater that fits into any wall socket. Just plug it in, turn it on, and you’re ready to go. Hulk Heater’s plug & play operation makes it extremely simple to use.
With its compact dimensions, Hulk Heater is easy to fit into any room. And with its space saving design it plugs right into the wall socket freeing up floor space from bulky space heaters and wires. Hulk Heater is the perfect wall outlet heater for people who don’t want to clutter up their rooms!

Hulk Heater Has All the Features You Need in a Wall Outlet Heater!

Fast Heating

Unlike slow central heating, Hulk Heater can heat up your room in just 10 minutes.

Precise Temperature Setting

Set Hulk Heater to heat your room from 60° to 90° Fahrenheit.

Built-In Timer

Set Hulk Heater to turn off after only 1 hour, or let it run for up to 12 hours.

Silent Operation

Hulk Heater is very quiet, and won’t disturb you if you’re working or sleeping.

Rotates 270 Degrees

270° Rotating Outlet Plug Allows Other Socket Access

No Messy Wires

Hulk Heater plugs directly into a wall socket. No cords or cables required!

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Running the central heating in my home was costing me a fortune! But with Hulk Heater, I only heat the rooms I actually use – this helps me heat up my room much faster, and I’m saving a ton on heating costs, too!
Jess L.Fairfield, CT
Thank goodness for Hulk Heater! The heater in my small apartment barely worked, and I was freezing my behind off! Now I have the Hulk Heater, and whenever it starts getting cold I just plug Hulk Heater into my wall. It’s amazing how fast it can heat up a room!

Martin K.Los Angeles, CA

What a relief it is to have the Hulk Heater! The nearest heater in my home is in the hallway floor, and the heat would take forever to reach my bedroom. With the Hulk Heater, I can feel the soothing heat within 10 minutes

Thierry L.Portland, OR