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From No Sleep To Deep Sleep: How I Learned To Sleep Better, Faster

March 28, 2019 at 1:50 AM MST | Sponsored Content by Dodow

I’ve spent way too many sleepless nights staring at my bedroom ceiling. Turns out, the answer was up there all along.

I never got used to being tired all the time. I just sort of accepted it.

Falling asleep (and staying asleep) has become a real problem for me the past few years. I honestly can’t tell you how many nights I’ve spent laying in bed, staring at the ceiling at some ungodly hour.

For a while, it just became a way of life for me. Sleep for 3-4 hours. Get up for work at 6am. Struggle through the day. Go home and repeat. It was downright toxic – it affected my job, my family, and definitely my happiness.

Of course, I’ve tried just about everything on the market. I’ve counted sheep, goats, llamas, you name it…. I invested in an (expensive) space-age mattress….even bought special noise-cancelling headphones and listened to “nighttime sounds”.

And the pills I took….don’t even get me started on those. Benadryl. Ambien. Even “natural” options like melatonin – they’re all the same. Whether they work or not,  I always wake up the next morning feeling all kinds of cruddy and groggy.

I finally decided I’d had enough.

I was watching The Joys of Painting with Bob Ross at two in the morning (yeah, it was that bad), and I decided to look into something a buddy of mine recommended. I thought it was far-fetched when we’d first talked – some kind of new invention by a couple of insomniacs that used light to help you fall asleep fast AND improve the quality of your sleep.  But at this point, I’d try anything at least once.

Turns out, this thing helped me get right to the bottom of my sleeping problems.

When it comes to sleep, my brain is its own worst enemy.

Don’t want to read this whole article?

A few weeks ago, I tried going to bed early after a long, stressful day. I was exhausted, but the second my head hit the pillow, my thoughts started racing. My mind went back to the pile of to-do’s I left on my desk at work…..about what my boss said earlier….and on to that parent-teacher conference coming up. By the time I looked up….you guessed it…it was 1 am again. Now all I could think about was how desperately I needed to get some sleep!

It’s a simple idea – a pocket-sized device that casts a soft blue light projected onto your ceiling to help guide your breathing. As the light expands on the ceiling above you, you inhale; As it contracts, you exhale.

It basically acts like a “sleep guide” for my brain. As I concentrate on breathing along with the light, I can actually feel my mind and body start to relax and let go of any tension and stress. It usually doesn’t take long before I’m out like a light!

And I’m not the only one who believes in it. Dodow has been featured in Daily Mail, Mashable, and Business Insider!

I could go on, and on, and ON about this thing. No pills….no headphones…no “tricks”….just a few minutes of focused breathing with the blue light on the ceiling automatically helps me:

  • Get my mind off busy, stressful thoughts
  • Make myself feel sleepy faster
  • Trick my brain into reducing brainwave frequency to natural sleeping levels
  • Switch off the fight or flight response – making me much less anxious in bed

I know what you’re thinking…..all this from breathing slower?

If a restless mind is what’s keeping you awake at nightabsolutely. Taking long, guided breaths is more than just relaxing – exhaling actually releases more CO2 in your bloodstream, making your body chemically ready for sleep.

The best part is, you may not even need the help for long. As you continue using it, you’re actually retraining your brain to learn how to fall asleep on its own again. The company openly says…

“…we’re not afraid to say it…in a few months, you may not even need Dodow to fall asleep anymore! How’s that for a sleep solution?!”

Honestly, I can’t think of a reason why anyone wouldn’t try this.

They’re running a special deal right now on their website:  One FREE when you buy 2, PLUS FREE Shipping! That’s a steal if I ever saw one!

You can check it out here on their official website. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


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It’s great, because my wife was always taking mine when she traveled for business. But now we each have our own.

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