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Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, is finally here! This is the day that our product innovation experts have been preparing for all year as they have searched the world for exciting new gadgets.

During Black Friday, we are particularly pleased to offer you up to 55% off on the hottest gifts this season. There’s no better place to begin your holiday shopping!

The special pricing we are offering is available only through this email, and only while supplies last. Based on how fast some products are selling, we may even run out of stock today. Be sure to get these deals before Black Friday slips away!

#7) [50% Off] Experience the Incredible Benefits of Wireless Earphones Without Paying Hundreds

It’s a common misconception that you have to buy name-brand products. So, what if I told you that you can get the same quality for less than half the price? A great example of this is Apple’s new wireless earphones that cost $249. This same technology is available through a company called PlayBeatz for $200 LESS! That is a huge difference considering PlayBeatz utilizes the same high-tech BlueTooth connection and a long-lasting battery. The best part: if you don’t want wireless earphones, there is a good chance there’s someone who will. Instead of spending over $200, go with the smart choice, PlayBeatz!

#6) [55% Off] Apple and Samsung Are Slowing Down Your Phone. Bring It Back To Life!

Fact: companies like Apple have been caught slowing down your phone with every update. After lawsuits and public shaming in the media, they continue to! If you’ve noticed your phone has slowed down, don’t believe the lie that you need to buy a new one.

Instead, get BetterCharge. It will bring your phone back to life with just a few charges. It uses award-winning wireless charging technology invented by an MIT student. Now, it is finally available to the public! Our product experts are predicting this to be the #1 stocking stuffer of 2019, as nearly everyone struggles with a slow phone.

#5) [50% Off] Stop Paying For Cable TV, Start Watching For Free (100% Legally)

We all know how frustrating invoices and subscriptions can be. We pay for cable TV, Netflix, movies, and sports on demand … it adds up fast. It is no wonder that more and more people are looking for cheaper and simpler ways to reduce their bills and get rid of all the electronics. Fortunately, there is a solution to watch HDTV 100% free and legal! LiveWave antenna’s advanced patented technology turns the wiring in your entire home into a MEGA ANTENNA! With over 1.5 million units sold worldwide, LiveWave Antenna is the best solution to watch your favorite channels, programs, and movies for free! Don’t delay! LiveWave Antenna is guaranteed to sell out before December!

#4) [Buy 2, Get 1 Free] Save Thousands With This Tiny Device That Mechanics Hate

There’s a reason why mechanics call your check engine light “the idiot light”. They know you and I have no idea what that little light means, and more importantly, that they can charge people nearly anything to “fix” the problem. Introducing FIXD, the car performance monitor that alerts your phone app to over 7,000 potential car problems!

FIXD even tells you how severe the problem is, how much the repair should cost, and where a trusty mechanic is located near you to fix the problem. Plus, FIXD sends you maintenance reminders, mileage updates, and more! Never find yourself at the mercy of some shady mechanic again – remember, knowledge (with FIXD) is power!

#3) [50% Off] Get Rid of Dead Zones and Slow WiFi With The Ultimate WiFi Repeater

Almost all of us have Wi-Fi in our homes. But in EVERY home there are areas where the Wi-Fi signal is weak or doesn’t even reach. Maybe you have a so-called Wi-Fi dead spot in your basement. Or, it’s in your master bedroom or study. No matter where your dead spots are, they are annoying and prevent you from enjoying movies or browsing the web in your own home. It is amazing for you that an Israeli Wi-Fi repeater technology that solves this problem is now available to consumers. Simply plug this device in wherever your Wi-Fi signal is weak and voilà, you now have a strong signal, strong enough to stream your favorite movies without interruption!

#2) [52% Off] Start Driving at Night Without Headaches From Oncoming Headlights

Driving at night used to be a headache-inducing nightmare. Eventually, I gave up on driving at night because headlights would leave me blinded and disoriented. This is because new headlights use brighter, more harmful bulbs that can induce headaches and even blind drivers. Thankfully, scientists have come up with the perfect light-diffusing technology. AutoOcular is worn just like sunglasses or worn over your normal prescription glasses to prevent oncoming headlights from blinding you. Simply put them on to experience stress-free driving.

#1) [50% Off] Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe From RFID Skimming Thieves

Not long ago, a thief who wanted your credit card information needed to steal your purse or wallet. But today, a thief can gain access to your credit cards without ever touching or even seeing them. Most credit cards now contain an RFID chip which allows for “touchless” purchases at many stores. Unfortunately, nefarious individuals have learned how to exploit this “touchless” convenience. They have created RFID skimmers to read your card information from nearby. Protect yourself with GuardCard. It fits in your wallet and blocks RFID skimmers from reading your card information.

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